The Davis-Keller Music Studio


My private music teacherDavis-Keller Studios have had an enormous impact on my life. From the age of five when I had my first music lesson through my final day in graduate school, my teachers have guided me from a young, eager student who had a lot to learn, to a refined and polished musician. They were my mentors and my friends. I strive to inspire my students the way that my teachers inspired me. I hope to pass along my deep love of music to each and every one of them.


At the Davis-Keller Music Studio, we are pleased to offer private musical instruction in the following disciplines: harp, voice, piano, cello, violin, viola, music theory, and music history. All ages are welcome. You are never too young or too old to enrich your life with music. We are currently accepting new students in the DC metro area. For more information, please call 570-574-7966, or visit the contact page.



Lessons cropped

Photo taken by Michelle Camperson

“Meghan Davis has been our all time favorite piano teacher!  She maintains a perfect balance of structure and discipline with creative motivational techniques to encourage young musicians to persevere.  My son always looks forward to his lessons because of her unique style and ability to relate to him and his preferences.”


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